Holy Matrimony at St. Peters

St.Peter's By the Sea Episcopal

Each summer, couples are married here at St. Peter's Episcopal in its beautiful historic stone church atop Christian Hill.

If you are planning on getting married this summer OR in the summer of 2019  and are interested please contact our Wedding Coordinator Tammy Franz-Mallen at dtmallen@comcast.net  or  call  617.962.0246.   There are 2 couples already making their plans with St. Peter's in 2019!

Marriage is a sacred act of Love before God

In the Presence of Almighty God in His Love for all, we offer weddings at St. Peter's to every couple including LGBT couples who wish to become married in God's  Church.

Marriage is a Sacrament of the Church

Our music program under the excellent leadership of  Ian Watson , our staff of priests, and with  the direction of Tammy Franz-Mallen, the Wedding Coordinator you will be very pleased as your wedding ceremony takes place here at St. Peter's.  We are family too!