Volunteer at Worship



Lectors aka layreaders are assigned to read the Old and New Testament readings and a Psalm for Sunday worship.  

If you have good reading skills please contact Michael Smyser .  He can be reached at mikecalifguy@comcast.net or  561.329.4300



These people are very important to our worship.  They welcome visitors, hand out church bulletins, seat people, take up the offerings, and direct the people to the railing for Holy Communion.

If you are interested in serving in this capacity please email us on this site.  Thank you.

Eucharistic Ministers & Acolytes


EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS are lay assistants who help distribute the wine which we believe is the Blood of Christ. You must be an active member of an Episcopal church, received training from your parish and authorized by both your rector and the bishop of your diocese. It is a honored position and we maintain reverence for the  True Body and Blood in the Eucharist.  Pictured here are Michael Smyser  and parishoners.

ACOLYTES are those who light and extinguish candles and participate in the the opening processional, Gospel procession and  the recessional. Sometimes you could  be called upon to hold the lavabo for priests to wash their hands before the Liturgy of the Eucharist. You can also carry the Cross during processionals and would be known as the crucifer. 

For more information please contact Michael Smyser by email, text, or phone.  There is no age limit.