The altar in St. Peter's

The 2018  Guild Officers:

Pat Kriensky-President

Linda Seager-Vice President

Diane Sanford-Secretary

Susan Martin-Treasurer

We can always use more volunteers to help us set up the altar before each service. and other important duties.  If you are interested in learning and volunteering, please contact Pat Kriensky at 207.641.2246.

God Bless You.

Overseeing the flowers

Flowers on any given Sunday during the summer are given by people who wish to remember their loved ones or a special occasion. Two bouquets are prepared by our local florist Caluna in Ogunquit for $75.00.  Tammy Franz-Mallen at 617.962.0246 of the Guild is responsible so please contact her if you wish to have flowers given on a given Sunday.


The Eucharist or Holy Communion is celebrated from the altar.  Taking care of the  Altar is one of the responsibilities of the St. Peter's Altar Guild.